Sunday, July 12, 2020


 Flowers, there is really nothing quite as delicate and magical than the miracle of a flower.

My garden is bursting with colour, so many blooms are opening up and adding eruptions of vibrant colour everywhere I look.
Bees, insects and birds are joyfully feasting on the nectars, pollen being dispersed as they all travel from bush to tree.
My favourite grevillea above and below is so unique and the hues so soft, it gives a gentle feminine energy to the secluded front garden, hidden from view until you meander along the winding path at the front of the cottage, I often sit here simply admiring this beautiful plant.
Everyone who sees this particular plant feels the same as I, they all comment on how beautiful these flowers are.
Birds flit in and out as I observe my garden paradise, the busyness of nature keeps me captivated for hours. 
Another hakea has finally flowered for the very first time, like many other plants it has taken four years to produce flowers, but the long awaited event has not gone unnoticed, each plant is checked daily as I do my walks around the garden to see what has changed overnight.

Still waiting for the macadamia tree to flower, I still don't know if the flowers will be white or pink, each year I wait for signs of buds, but again this year so far there is no evidence of flowers appearing. 
Also waiting for my native finger lime to fruit and the lilly pilly as well as my pineapple orange tree, I have a native apricot to plant too, so in a few years my garden will be producing more produce which is really exciting.

The majority of the plants in the garden are natives purposely planted to attract the birds and insects, giving them a haven and a regular source of food.

As another day begins and it is out into the garden I go........

Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Harmony Of The Soul........

Harmony of the soul, where do you find it?

Harmony for me is found in nature, in the simplicity of life that constantly springs up around me, ever changing and unfolding with each new sunrise. 

In moments of quiet contemplation sitting in the garden I am granted peace, a peace so profoundly stilling that it weaves its way into every cell of my body centring me to be at One with all of creation.

What does threaten to take this stillness away is the bombardment of frequencies that are not natural.

With having very limited use of the internet in my home, mostly it is switched off, my television taken to the rubbish tip a very very long time ago, and the mobile data on my phone is rarely on, so venturing into homes or shopping malls, offices and the like where these frequencies are used without any mindful thought always make me feel very unwell, I do not align with these frequencies at all so I limit myself in these places, avoiding them as much a possible.

Reconnecting with nature immediately after being bombarded with these unnatural frequencies of the modern world always brings me back to my centre.

My heart stills, and I once again feel balanced, feet on the earth, back on a tree, wind teasing my hair, my soul can finally breathe as the gentle caress of my Earth Mother silently fills my body with her healing caress and serenity is found once again......... 


A Walk Around......

 A walk around a park is always more than an opportunity to stretch my legs, any time I find myself surrounded by nature it becomes an adventure of exploring the wonders I see, from delicate colorful hibiscus flowers in varying colours which first caught my attention as I strolled across the lush green grass, to the towering moreton bay fig trees which had me exploring for hours.
Seeing the miracle of life as it thrived around me and not missing a single miracle.
What always stops me in my tracks is knowing that from a tiny weed to a huge tree each form of life sprang from a single seed.
Life is everywhere in this park even in the stump of one of the moreton bay figs there was evidence of a home deep inside a hollow, maybe a possum or maybe a native marsupial of a different kind, as I paused to investigate I did wonder who dwelled within.
Unfolding fronds of several tree ferns are works of art as they soar upward towards the sky slowly unfolding as the sun warms them.
The ivy covered ground is a realm of plenty, ducks popping their heads up as they waddle along in search of a place to rest, or discovering a midmorning snack.
The leafless branches of the deciduous trees took me back to my time in England where each winter I was astounded at how the landscape changes as the seasons pass. A moment of melancholy as I reminisced as I walked.
The reflections of the trees shimmering in the puddles held a magical wonder, a different kind of vista of the beauty that was around me.
Moss of vibrant green covering many a tree, adding an expression of fascination as it creeped along the bark, so soft to the touch, delicately adding a different texture to the trees it adorned.
The small native garden held me spellbound the longest with the ball shaped flowers of the female grasstrees, some still in bloom with their soft green flowers, others had began to turn to seed already they had a papery feel as they dried ready to shed their seeds into the wind.
My favorite though was a banksia plant creeping along the ground, one dried flower next to one part way through unfolding to yet another only just beginning to bloom.

The miracle of life is absolutely everywhere, and I always get a few odd looks as I scurry over limbs of trees investing what has drawn my attention or if I stop to get down on the ground to marvel at a clump of mushrooms.
I guess I am a little confused also at the many humans out walking in a park who actually don't see anything other than the path on which they walk.

Those of us who have a deep connection to our Earth Mother will always view life differently, I don't really understand how the magnificence of nature is lost to so many souls who amble through their lives never seeing what is around them.

Contented and everso peaceful I was filled with love from The Mother, her gifts of life are never lost on me, I see so much astounding beauty with every step I take and it infuses into my heart to travel with me always.......