Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Nicer...

What nicer way to end the day than to have a long soak in a warm bath.
Especially when one has two guardians of the bath to watch over her.
Both keep a sharp eye on me making sure that nothing unfortunate will occur.
Perhaps they are concerned I might disappear down the drain with the water?
Whatever it is that fascinates them though does entertain me immensely.
Tarmal especially keeps up the ritual and will not budge until I am out and safely on dry land once again......

There Is Only....

There is only one way to find Peace.
Complete forgiveness of yourself
All others....

Dinner Time...........

Dinner time tonight was a vibrant mixture of colour and textures .
Thinly slice carrots, avocado, mushrooms, tomato, and garlic, onion and chive sprouts was my first creation.
Followed by a warm broad bean, shallot and quinoa salad to accompany it.
It was simply delicious, plus I have enough left over for my lunch tomorrow.......

Morning Fun......

Morning fun for Tarmal was a game of let's catch the fly.
Trouble was that the fly was too quick for him, zooming about and then hiding in the tiniest of places.
Not one to give up easily he trotted around the room after his prey.
Even with the assistance of Pixie the fly got away in the end, leaving two very tired little cats.........

All Lives.....

All lives
Are linked across time
Connected by an Ancient calling
That echo's across the Ages
The calling of Destiny
The returning to Oneness
To God.......

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Only....

The only enemy you have is within you
The ego
Rise above it's insanity
And create in Peace
Regaining control and seeing through the illusions of 'reality'
Returning you to the path of the seeker
A place of simplicity, solitude and stillness
A place only found in your Heart...............

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Has......

It has been a year since Pixie joined me, and a long last she is beginning to settle.
After her rescue she was so traumatized that I really did wonder if she would ever lead a normal cat life, so brutal was her ordeal I did wonder if the scares were too deep for her to overcome.
Recently she has been getting a lot more tactile with me, to the point where she will come and asked to be petted, purring to her hearts content as I stroke her, and the last few nights she will wrap her paws around my hand and squeeze it close to her body, hugging it tightly to herself, such a holy blessing to be given.
Moments like these have no price, she has seen with her own eyes that not all humans are cruel, that a lifted hand does not mean pain any longer. That was the biggest challenge I had with her, opening her to trust.
Seeing the contentment within her is such a blessing, and each day that passes sees her relaxing just a little more, trusting a little deeper.
Love knows no boundaries, it has no restrictions, it simply weaves its magic around one soul and into the other, healing its way to wholeness with every beat of our hearts.................

And So...........

And so I have the final inspection of my house on the 15 November, and if all is perfect I shall have the keys 10 days later.
Having accepted the whole experience of house ownership it seems has willed it towards completion rather swiftly.
Having no attachment nor, the expected excitement one is suppose to have is proving quite a challenge for those around me, as they fail to understand my rather abnormal (to them) behaviour.
Having moved past the pointlessness of material possessions I am coming into this venture from a different place, a place of God.
So as the moments move from one to another I shall prepare my self for movement, a time of renewal and growth.
A time of transmutation where I will shed another stage of inner blooming to regain a deeper balance within, thus germinating harmony around me.................

There Is ...............

There is no journey

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inviting Me........

Inviting me to stop under its canopy.
This mighty willow called me.
Laying beneath, feeling the rhythm of its wisdom surging through the Earth and into my body.
As the leaves swayed softly in the gentle breeze my eyelids grew heavier and heavier.
Slowly I released myself to the willow, opening myself to its knowledge, its healing, its Light............

Monday, October 25, 2010

In Every Moment........

In every moment offer only Love, and Love will be given back to you.
As Love is drawn to itself.
Offering anger, resentment, hatred, any form of attack will ensure Love is kept from you, hidden from view, for Love can only be present in Peace...........

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love Is Contemplation......

Love is contemplation.
Love is togetherness.
Love is Tenderness.
Love is playfulness.
Love is you........

In The Mellow.....

In the mellow cocoon of my abode I sit.
In the Silence comes Peace.
In the Peace come Contentment.
In the Contentment comes Love.
In the Love comes Healing.
In the Healing comes Freedom.
In the Freedom comes Bliss......................

As Changes.........

As changes within me continue to alter my perception of not only myself, but also with how I interact with others, I seem to be creating a stir of emotions in friends that sense the difference in me.
Spending more and more time on my own, walking and content in being still and quiet has me retreating from the 'normal' connections with others.
Strolling along blissfully exhilarated by the world around me, I find that I no longer wish to waste my time doing.
More than ever now I just wish to walk, no need for unnecessary chitchat or the socially acceptable interactions one is expected to indulge in.
Eating out in a place full of noise now has no appeal to me.
Quietness invites me to investigate myself further keeping me wholly enfolded within the pulsating rhythm of The Universe.
Simplicity, silence and the loving force of God within is all I require.
With each day that passes the transformation intensifies taking me further away from the way of the world and into the arms of God.........

A Small Bump.......

A small bump in my bed had me intrigued this morning.
Tarmal had manoeuvred his way under the covers, a place he normally avoids.
Having himself a grand old time, he raced around under the sheets in a world all of his own.
Chasing imaginary mice perhaps..........


Inspiration rose in me as I stood looking at the facade of the house.
I originally picked this one as it reminded me of a cottage, with this thought in mind I began to visualise the garden.
Standing in the sun chatting with one of my friends I explained to her how I would like to create an old worldly feel to it.
A scented garden of delicate aromas, sensual and soft.
As I spoke I smelt roses drifting in the air, joined by lavender and orange jasmine.
As the front garden is small I have the opportunity to create a visual impact that if done as I envisage it, will look very french.
Topiary will be the feature, although I may have a challenge ahead to find three standard bay trees, these will be the main feature of the front garden.
Along the sides of the wall I will have a mixture of miniature lavender and perhaps some orange jasmine, which will both add movement, colour and scent to the garden.
The pathway leading up to the door I will pave in recycled bricks which will add to giving the house an old feel to it.
On side wall of my neighbors house I will plant a climbing rose, red like this one to add a splash of colour as it rambles up the wall.
And as for the back garden.
There too sits a vision of gentleness and peace................


Visiting my house yesterday I was surprised at the amount of work that had been done since my last drive up here.
The front wall is up, as well as the down lights on the wall, which incidentally I had no idea I was getting.
I liked the lightness of the house, and was happy that I choose this one, as the rest are all painted in darker, drab colours.
Lucky for me the painters where working on my house, having been kicked out the last time I visited by the tiler I asked if it would be alright to have a quick look inside.
Of course they said, that is okay, just mind the wet paint throughout the house.
As I entered the house I felt that I had come to accept its appearance in my life, and with doing so I viewed it with a new awareness.
With only five windows at the front and the one large window at the back I had been concerned about the house being too dark, yet I was delighted with the natural light that floods the house.
The flooring that I have chosen is light in colour which I know will add to the airy feel of the house.
Standing here looking in I felt strangely peaceful here for the first time.
Having no attachment, only an acceptance, has altered my opinion of this venture..........