Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Trying To

 Trying to identify a new bird hanging around the garden, haven't got a clear view or a photo of it myself however I did a search and think this is it.
A collared sparrowhawk.
I was out in the garden and it nearly flew into my head as it was heading towards the fence to land.
The chickens will be safe from this predator although the smaller birds will have to be mindful of this visitor......

Sunday, May 26, 2019

It Wouldn't Be.....

 It wouldn't be Sunday without a meander around the garden.
In the years I have been here I have seen this bare unnurtured piece of land blossom and thrive as it began to be loved again.
No longer barren of life the biggest reward of all the hard work and the struggles to keep it all alive during the unrelenting summer months is walking out amongst it all hearing the birds singing, feeling the sun upon my back and being forever followed by my cheeky resident willy wagtail who chatters away as he watches what I am up to.
Hoping soon the rains come and with it all the autumn flowers which are still not ready to bloom, also hoping that by next year the trees would have grown enough to really create the secret garden I so dreamed of.
The front garden had been started sooner than the back and already there are parts of it that you can no longer see until you walk beneath the archway of branches that takes you to a secluded sitting area.
Looking forward to creating more tucked away little nooks for reading, enjoying a cup of coffee or simply sitting to watch the abundance of life that flourishes around my tiny little cottage.....



Once In.....

Once in a lifetime if you are blessed you might be given a gift so profound that you are rendered speechless at what lays before you, because it is just utterly amazingly fantastically wonderful.
Two friends had been visiting an Island in the Pacific Ocean and told me as I was handed a black cloth bag that I was in their thoughts as they strolled along the waters edge.
One of my friends had a moment of intuitive clarity and decided that the stones beneath their feet would be fabulous as a set of rune stones as a gift for me as a memento of their time away.
As they gathered them up the exact same way as the Vikings would have many centuries ago it was  as if they were aware of how magical the moment was and of the power of such a gift
Given by the ocean and the land these stones have an energy as timeless as the world itself.
Before they were passed on to me the symbols of the runes were gently craved into each stone in a ceremony where thanks was given for the rocks and the gift of friendship wished into each stones as they were delicately prepared.
Last night I slept with the stones beneath my pillow, snuggling down I felt the serene energy of the ocean and  from the stones a silence so deep it felt like the earth was wrapping herself within my bones as I drifted off to sleep.
Very blessed and very humbled......


Because I can never have enough photos of my fabulous furry kids.
And because today it ended with the first family photo as Miss Bear came and joined the other two for the first time......