Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Why does the human race think that it is superior to every other form of life upon this planet? Why do we think that we have the right to cull other animals and birds when we think there are too many of them? And why are there so many people who enjoy murdering defenseless creatures just because they can? I can not understand how killing can be viewed as an enjoyable way to spend your time, how can taking a life give one joy? I hear so many stories that bring tears to my eyes, hearing of the suffering and pain that some people cause to these beautiful beings that share our world. Does it not occur to these people that animals too have feelings, that they mourn the passing of one of their family. How many people take the time to watch the natural world, and see how these beings communicate with each other? Not many!We are all entitled to be here upon this planet, we all have a role to play in balancing our delicate enviroment, no matter how big or how small one may be, we all have the right to walk this earth in peace and harmony.