Friday, August 19, 2022

Seeing Emus.....

Seeing emus in a field is not something one sees often, even here in the land down under, where I guess many assume that like kangaroos and koalas, emus are seen all over the place.

I stopped my car and went to capture this moment, as for me it was a really special sight.
Emus are the second largest bird in the world, they can be a tad intimidating so I wasn't going to get too close. 
As it was the older of the trio began herding the youngsters away when it saw my car stop and me get out. Like all native animals here in the land of Oz humans are viewed as predators and most native animals will steer well clear of an approaching human. 

They are truly fascinating birds, mating for life,  and the male incubates the eggs, which I believe is for around 60 days. They can run at speeds around 50 Kms an hour and can kick rather ferociously with their back feet. So admiring from a distance is a good idea. 

Seeing them is not a frequent sight, even on the back bush roads that I take all the time.
 Adding more glee to my afternoon, further back in the field there were some kangaroos feeding mingling with a flock of sheep. 

A moment of envy rippled to the surface as I thought how lucky the owners of this property are, and I also wondered if they know and appreciate how blessed they are......


Maywa - Blue (Mose & Steffen Ki Revision)

Yesterday I Headed.....

Yesterday I headed to the tangled wonderous realm of the woodlands in search of fairy wrens. 
Heard throughout the dense foliage yet due to the flurry of activity with spring in the air they were difficult to locate. 
I was successful though, a small family was scurrying along the forest floor.  Although none were still enough for a great close-up, the photos I did manage to capture show how tiny these birds are. 
The vibrant blue of the males such a contrast to the other hues of the woodland. 
There were many shows of native wisteria throughout the woodland, their purple flowers adding another colour blast which was also striking. 
I also saw my first native coneflower, which have the most interesting seed pods. 
A beautiful sunny day after Wednesdays torrential downpours, and as always thoroughly magical and therapeutic......