Friday, September 28, 2012

Thousands Of People.....

Thousands of people who say they 'love' animals
Sit down once or twice a day
To enjoy the flesh of creatures 
Who have been utterly deprived of everything that could possibly make their life worth living
Who  endured the awful suffering
The terror of the abattoirs
Make compassionate food choices........

Jane Goodall

Monday, September 24, 2012

Had A Day....

Had a day of tears and hugs
Feeling so much love.......

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Funny Thing......

 A funny thing happens when you state your intention to the universe, voicing your intent to let go of what once was, allowing what will be in tune with your new vibration to enter.
Standing firm in my own power, releasing the past to disappear into oblivion, welcoming the opportunity for new moments to begin a few days ago is already ushering change my way.
As always when I focus upon creating my own path with complete clarity, things begin to swiftly change.
In the periods of my story where I focus on what I have not got, forgetting that my thoughts are things, dismissing my role in manifesting my reality, therefore, all the doom, gloom and unhappiness just gushes into reality, all the negativity  bolting eagerly towards me anxious to share it's offerings, bestowing that which I brought in to being, I completely ignore my role in it's presence.
Of course, admitting to this when one is residing in the gloom of desperation is not something that is going to happen, even though I am aware of this, I refused to acknowledge it, rather, blaming the way things are, or, others for the chaos weighing me down.
Declaring my intent to release the burdens of my soul a few days ago has unleashed a series of synchronised events, manifesting my thoughts into things, positive, and surprisingly lively and pleasant changes.
No point in looking back with a shake of my head and wondering why I left my path for awhile, for, all is meant to be, and perhaps this period of deep inner cleansing was vital.
As this day begins it does so with a deep peace radiating from within, a shroud of peacefulness encircling me.......

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Message To Self.......

Message to self
Leave home without the camera
Saw a sign today that had me in hysterics 

Stuck on the shutters of a clairvoyants stall at the markets

"Closed due to unforeseen circumstances"

Not much good for business I should have thought!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Someone is.......

 Someone is a very contented 
happy boy.......

Pixie Finally.......

 Pixie finally came out of hiding to view her new playground, now that Tarmal has decided to vacate if for awhile.
 Change is not something that Pixie takes to well, it has taken her two weeks to recover from the security door being fitted, having reverted back to dwelling in the wardrobe in the darkest corner she could possibly find.
 Hopefully this will give her something to focus on and assist her in regaining her confidence........

Pig rescues baby goat

There Comes A Time......

There comes a time when suddenly you see that the only one of great importance in your life, is the one who stares back at you in the mirror.
Suddenly, it is so obvious that there is no one else who can ease the burdens, or, lighten your heart.
Life is peculiar, and after years of attempting to make any sense out of it, wondering what the point of it all is, attempting to find real happiness, true love, companionship, I have decided that it is time to end the search.
The last three years in particular have been perhaps the most harrowing, as in this recent past I have learnt the hard way just how hurtful, isolating, selfish and dishonest the majority of humanity truly is.
I have in this time, out of desperation had several brief relationships which I knew before embarking upon them, were not meant to be, yet, being made to feel that there is something wrong with me being 'alone' I would carry on attempting to make them more than they were, just wanting to feel loved, accepted as normal.
But, the emptiness did not leave, in fact it became worse, I have discovered more than once, it is far worse to be lonely when you are in a 'relationship' than it is when you are truly on your own.
Around me I see many others, who, out of a fear of being alone, cling to relationships that are over, or seek a younger sleeker partner to bump up their failing ego's, or those who simply abuse themselves with the devastation the loneliness causes.
Being a single older woman is not easy, as in this age of silicone and botox anyone who prefers to wear their age naturally is not viewed as appealing,  hence we are made to feel well past our use by date, and that no one with any sense would want us.
I have come to the conclusion that nobody sees me, that I walk through the world like a ghost, neither seen nor heard, and I am now feeling comfortable with this arrangement, making my peace with this has taken time, I have been hurt deeply in this period of transformation, but now I have finally seen the path to my happiness stretching out before me, knowing that the only one who can ease my inner sadness, is, in fact me.
I have a house full of love, love of innocent purity, from three cherished felines, and from what I have seen of humanity, no human relationship could give me this level of true soul connection, for, they ask for nothing, they simply love and accept me for who I am, they see me the way no other human ever has.
Seeing the pain that I have inflicted upon myself in a quest of fitting in with what society deems as normal has caused me to lose my self respect, it has pushed me to the darkest place I have ever been, a place that if I continued following the trail in front of me would have ended in disaster.
Now is the moment to stand tall and proud of the being I am, to regain the control in the writing of my story, penning it with love, and thus creating, many more harmonious adventures.......

With Spring......

 With spring finally upon us the warmer days are prompting the garden to ease out of slumber, and much to my delight, I discover that my tiger grass flowers.
I am assuming that the plants must need to reach a certain level of maturity as it did not produce these wonderful blooms last year.
 It is amazing how much this particular plant has grown in the nearly two years it has been planted, what I love about this plant the most is the rustling sound the wind makes as it snakes it way through it, if I close my eyes I could be hidden deep in a tropical jungle, miles away from anyone  not sitting in a tiny courtyard imprisoned in suburbia.
 Splashes of colour abound upon the ground too, my many varieties of nasturtium's thriving now the balmy weather is upon us.
 Another tiny treasure hidden from view are the delicate blossoms of this magnolia, their scent as precious as their flowers, last year this one was struggling, perhaps adjusting to life in the ground, seems though, that the cooler winter months have been provided it with the healing it required to surge forth with the an abundance of flowers.

 And last, but by no way least is this new addition to the garden.
Looks like a weed, but it is actually a tobacco plant, once used by the native Americans in their peace pipes, the healing properties of this plant in it's raw state is quite astounding, makes you wonder why they destroy it by adding chemicals to it, used in sacred space as a heart opener, it is not addictive, it induces a peacefulness that is utterly amazing...........

Thursday, September 20, 2012