Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Are All................

We are all beacons of light.
How bright we shine depends on our ability to work through the layers of negativity that swamp us daily. Standing in your own power takes strength, it takes courage to be true to yourself, to be able to see through the manipulations, hatred, games and anger of others.
Those that bully, harass, gossip and abuse other people, are those who refuse to see the inner work they need to attend to, they can not see that they cause their own misery by their own actions, thoughts and words.
Looking in the mirror and seeing the real you is not easy, but to view yourself without the rose tinted glasses on will push you into a new healing way of life.
Those of us that have done our own inner work can testify to the cathartic effects of confronting the self, no longer do we need to endure the hateful actions of others as we have learnt to walk away from any situation or person that does not provide harmony and well being in our life.
We know that our journey is our journey and we are the ones in control, if people or situations do not provide us with positivity and harmony then we no longer require them within our personal life story.
Those of us still sleep walking their way through life will do their utmost to get a reaction to their dramas as they lash out at others attempting to alleviate the pain they nurture inside of them. These people like to blame anyone but themselves for where it is they find themselves, thinking that the world and everyone in it is against them, the vibrations they give off therefore attract more dysfunction and unhappiness to manifest into their lives thus fueling an already struggling soul.
We are responsible for one person in this life, our self. How we grow depends on our ability to transcend the challenges provided for our personal growth, to put an end to merry go round of games and enter a enlightened way of life.
It takes one tiny step to begin the journey to inner harmony, the step towards the mirror.........


Ronda Laveen said...

Perfectly stated, dear Gemel.

Natalie said...

Powerful stuff. :)