Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be Your Self..............

Be your self no matter what.
I find myself sailing along in life, cruising the world observing the pathways ahead, wondering where it is I will head next.
Watching as birds soar above my head I realise that there is no requirement in my life for shallow distractions, the simplicity of nature teaches me far more than any university ever could.
Wisdom resides within all that surrounds us, just waiting for moments of clarity to open our obstructed vision.
We as a race I feel mostly take ourselves too seriously, many are impressed by the things that glitter and sparkle, or bank balances that give them superiority over others.
When a walk upon the beach is interrupted by a mobile phone and a m3p player then I feel something is out of sync.
When I first moved over to Perth in 2005 I remembered thinking that the people here were, shall we say, a tad fanatical about their walking and running along the beach in the mornings. I phoned home to check in one night and began to say that many of the locals seemed to have a mobile blood pressure machine attached to their arms whilst exercising.
This comment was met with hoots of laughter as I was told that they were in fact mp3 players.
What are they I said!!!
All was explained in between bouts of giggling as I was finally educated into modern society.
Oh my, where have we gone wrong?
I feel that society has lost its connection with nature, that few of us can endure the silent union with the Universe, one on one. Many can not still their minds, nor their body long enough to retreat into voiceless communion with their inner self. The fragment of the supreme that dwells within us all.
Sunsets are not seen.
The wind not felt.
The Sun a hindrance for providing us with Light and energy to fuel our world.
For those of us who seek inner clarification and purpose for our lives, we choose to step away from what is deemed normal and are seen to be not quite right in the head. We confront those around us as we challenge the tales we are fed to believe, not always agreeing that this way of life is for the better.
Technology has its place, to that I will agree, yet I feel that it should not take over every aspect of our lives, when we can no longer find time to commune with our creator by being within the beauty of his bounty, then to me life is not worth living................


Jaky Astik said...



so true - sunsets no longer felt and the wind no longer seen! it is too sad - i have had the same experience here in delaware - there are beautiful beautiful beaches along the shore here - but rarely do you see someone just walking without their phone stuck in their ear or their ipod or whatever - or just sitting and absorbing it all -