Friday, May 22, 2009

Day Two................

Day two found us on the bustling main street of Witchcliffe, actually it was the only street, such a deserted place, even the cafe was boarded up.......... We liked the look of this shop though, mainly because I noticed that it had among other things lots of second hand books, and me being me find it extremely difficult to resist the lure of a new(?) book............ After I had given the book shelves a good going over I went to explore the rest of the place, all I can say is I saw things I had never seen before (and properly never will again.) A really quirky place, one that I am glad I went to. Funny what you come across in a tiny bush town.......... Then I happened to notice this little dog sitting outside in the owners back garden soaking up the morning sun, not sure what breed it was, can't say I have ever seen a dog like it before either........... Witchcliffe, what a place, if you blink you will surely miss it!

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