Friday, May 01, 2009

Are You Thinking..........

Are you thinking the moment you open your eyes in the morning?

And if so, what is your first thought?

I’m tired.

God another day!

I feel sick………

I ache all over…………

I am lonely……..

I am unhappy……..

I hate my life…..

I am so angry with ……….

I hate …………

Filling your body and mind with the negativity the instant you awaken will see you falling deeper into the quagmire of depression and unhappiness that may well be already looming over you.

Or, maybe you immediately go into the past, dredging up again all the people from the past that have hurt you, creating more sadness, anger, disappointment and struggle that haunts you so.

Maybe it is illness that dominates your first thoughts, how dreadful you are going to feel, what hurts, how low you feel, wondering how you are going to make it through another day.

Of course which ever scenario welcomes your waking in a morning, tuning into negative thinking is going to ensure that you have exactly the negative and stressful day you envisaged. Thinking creates all the unhappiness and disharmony within your life. No person or situation from the past can affect your Now, only your thoughts can do this. The more you procrastinate over what has been the more your waking life is going to be a tirade of negativity and suffering, seeing that you exist but you don't live. It is thoughts that keep you trapped in the endless battle of the poor old me victim mode, nothing else, and no one else has any role to play in creating your suffering.

Thoughts are your ego minds way of controlling you, of maintaining your incessant slumbering in the mortal world of the defeated, angry and depressed. Thoughts keep you locked into your own private world of torment, one that sees you radiating your negative vibrations out towards all those connected within your life. Awareness of the energy and light that radiates from you is irrelevant, because your tainted energy will emanate from you attracting more of the same into your life, no matter if your aware of it or not, keeping you trapped in your self imposed prison and away from happiness and inner harmony.

We are all in total control of our well being, it is up to each and every one of us to love ourselves first and foremost, to radiate our inner joy to all aspects of our lives. When we find our inner peace and connect to the power within us, all else in our life will pulsate to this same frequency. You will see old patterns ceasing, illnesses disappearing and above all else, happiness weaving its way through all aspects of your life.

Start your morning by laying still and tuning in to your body, feel the life force surging through every cell of your being, acknowledge the beauty of who you are.

Become aware of the magnificent and unique person you are, send your self love to every part of your body, feel happiness spreading with each breath, taking this feeling of joy with you as you begin your day. It is not difficult to regain control of our own life, it is though frightening to some to know that they alone hold the key, that they have the ability to leave old patterns behind, to move out of the darkness and into the light……………………


Sarah Lulu said...

Excellent suggestions.

luksky said...

So true....I witnessed my life change dramatically when I started practicing changing my thoughts. I am a much happier person now that I have let go of "most" of those negative thoughts.

Love your's very enlightening, comforting, and positive.

Anonymous said...

though I got all your posts in my feed reader (included the ones you deleted) that photo was really wonderful. loved it.

Lover of Life said...

Thank you so much for the reminder.