Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reaching Out......

Reaching out across the cosmos I feel the connection.
It surpasses all liaisons I have sensed before.
Unrelenting in its endurance, definite in its meaning.
I am suspended in a aura of stillness.
Remaining conscious is how I will hear the answer.
I retreat from the illusions of the ego and the captive constraints that it constantly uses in an attempt to tether me to a reality that has snuffed my own radiant Light, until only a flicker had remained.
A reality that I wish to be free of.
Sitting in the presence of God is the only way to find the answer.
Yet, as he speaks, is it only me he whispers to?
Pulling me from within, tugging my heart across the Universe he leads me towards another.
My Soul restless, the summon awakening and arousing, inviting me to test the commitment of my faith, my intuition, myself.
Could it be that I have found all I have ever sought?
That it is only a question of timing before we unite?
Or is it time to step out of the deception of my reality and take the hand that reaches across eternity, trusting without resistance to an offering from heaven.............

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