Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Call Of The Wild.....

The call of the wild summons me, to step away from the routine of civilized life, to return to the nomadic callings of my gypsy soul.
I never settled in any one place for long, restlessness seems to linger always on the periphery, ready to lure me onto a new path.
How I miss mountains and the wide open spaces of untainted land. The feeling of the wind upon your face as you amble along enclosed by scenery that captivates your heart.
The calling answered, contentment now governs my heart.
As my moments lead me closer to my Spanish destination it is with a fulfilled ease that I settle into myself.
No projections of what ifs
One day's
If onlys
For now I walk with the Light.
In the Light.
As the Light................

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