Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Was Told............

I was told today,
surely you are one of Gods angels,
I responded by saying that we all are, trouble is some of us are still sleeping to the serene presence that sleeps internally.
We often feel that others are worthier than us or perhaps superior in some ways as they have the obsession to walk their talk.
I act from my inner voice, the one that I did not always listen to as I ambled along attempting to merge with others around me. Now it is different, presently I pursue the callings of my soul, thus weaving a reality that is based on the truth that fuses with my soul.
My actions do not always please others as I maintain loyalty to myself first and foremost, this though, I am sure I can accept, as to honour the self at times you must release an others hold upon you.
If we choose to walk in the company of our higher selves we find that the illusion of life floats away, drifting into the distance disappearing forever into the abyss of oblivion......................


Natalie said...

I made a promise to myself to do just that. Starting today!I have had a bit of trouble with the 'not worrying what others might think/do' bit. Trust. Yes,yes. I can see now how it would all just melt away.
Lovely post, Gemel.

luksky said...

Bravo! I agree. Some of us are still "sleeping" hanging on to old thoughts and beliefs.