Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feeling Life Blossoming........

Feeling life blossoming around me as the crisp winter winds bring the nourishment of rain. The cleansing effects of its gift sings to my soul,unfolding within me everyday is a radiant being, softly urging her way forth.
Speaking my truth with honesty to my own heart prepares me for the next chapter of my life.
Seeking those who will not only understand me, but who too share the path that I am on.
In the past I spent far too much time with people with the wrong vibrations, those who mocked and challenged my way of life, which saw me hiding the true me, afraid to allow who I really was to walk openly and with belief in myself.
The confidence is building slowly, each day offers boons of growth that enhances my awakening attuning me to the vibrations of others who too seek a communion of honesty not one of need.
Gone is the me who clings to empty words said in to enchant or ensnare an others heart, instead I speak only of the honesty that resides nestled in my heart, knowing that from this loyalty to my own quest, I will see that the best is yet to come.....................

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