Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Hot...........

Too hot for doing anything, the heat is unbearable at the moment, bless Spirit, he is doing his best to stay cool as he waits for me to come home.
We have not had any rain for months, the relentless force of summer suppresses us with the harshness of the dry hot winds.... Too lazy to move, can't say that I blame him, it is not always cooler inside, I don't use the air conditioner unless I really can not cope, up to date I have used it three times. Think that the Earth thanks me for that!
Going inside we find Princess Pixie under the table relishing in the coolness of the tiles. She has to endure the heat of the house longer than Spirit and I
I leave windows open for her, often that can be more of a hindrance rather than a help, bless her little heart.
Always grateful for the doors to be open she wastes no time in going to see what is happening out there in the scary world while I get their food ready
And draw a long refreshing cooling bath, where I shall lay and cleanse away the heat of another long, hot day......


Jaky Astik said...

I love Pixie. Shes so cute. Like, my heart wanders for her. ha ha.

Missing Blossom...but I guess...she is busy with her somewhere happy life living :)

Parker said...

As hot as you are is as cold as we are!