Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rising On.......

 Rising on my last morning I allowed myself to soak in the aura of the jungle,
 enjoying the silence,

 loosing myself as I watched the fish, 
 feeling myself falling deeper into a waking trance,
 the trickling water hypnotizing me,
 intensely changed on a level I can not begin to understand, nor share.
 Returning to the western world will be an adventure,

 yet as I return I realise that I return extensively altered.
 Remaining with me, the mountains linger, as does the wisdom of the sacred tree,
 infusing me with an intrinsic knowledge of life,
 and the competence to live through my heart,
 having strenghtened my connection to God/ Source/All That Is
 has changed me irrevocably. 

And so it continues,

the enduring composition of 'my' life,
 another episode,
 lays head, waiting to be written..................



how beautiful a journey you have taken and so generously shared with us - we should all be so lucky as to bask in the glory of that magnificent place - thanks so much for sharing -

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful in every possible way. The multi dimensional experience within the all encompassing non dimensional experience. What a wonderful trip! I am wishing you wondrous adventures to come Gemel. Hope you make it to Santiago one day.