Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What If.............

What if we never left the garden of Eden?
Life would be stress free there would be no jobs as such, just perhaps a communal effort to collect fruits for our meals, and then a merry gathering as we sat in a massive circle and ate together peacefully.
It would be eaten raw, therefore there would be no weight problems as we would not be consuming ridiculous amounts of sugar, meat, fat and junk food.
We would of course have no requirement for clothes because we would have never heard of them, and besides we would all be content with ourselves as there would be no media hype to convince us otherwise!
We would all be truly loving and peaceful beings, enjoying a blissful life.
Oh, and the lion would sit with the lamb, no one eating anyone else, how civilised it would all be.
If only.......................

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Anonymous said...

actually, I consider negativity as a part of positivity. If there is only one dimension, consider, the world would be flat.