Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Flesh Foods Debate.....

 The flesh foods debate as well as the dairy debate has been going on for a very long time.
Those that consume flesh foods and eat dairy will defend their food choices with reasoning such as, "I can't live without eating meat"
"We are meant to eat meat"
Well firstly we are not natural predators, we do not have claws or teeth sharp enough to rip the throat out of our prey, we were taught to hunt, with spears and whatever weapons indigenous peoples around the globe could make.
Secondly, yes one can survive without eating a meat based diet.
Vegans and vegetarians are less aggressive than those that consume meat, a recent study at a American prison has proven this after deciding to trial a vegan diet for the all the inmates,
the result was less violence in the prison, and on release the reoffending rates went down from 95% to 2%.
Speaks for itself.
And oh for a more peaceful population!
I have had endless debates over the years with aggressive meat eating people, some who had not known me personally, however most were people I knew.
What they all fail to realise is that arguing with a vegan/vegetarian is an argument you can not win,  vegans/vegetarians see all life forms as sacred, therefore see that all sentient beings deserve to live a life of peace with their families without fear of human cruelty.
Over the years during discussions about this topic I have found that most meat eaters profess to love animals, some more than others, for instance they would not eat their companion dog or cat, however they turn a blind eye to the suffering and violence that all animals used in the food industry endure so that they may have a body part for their dinner.
Another question I often ask during these attacks on my preference to avoid flesh foods is, "could you kill and dress an animal yourself to eat?"
I myself could not, I would rather die, therefore I don't eat it.
Most people answer this question with a no.
So, if one is not prepared to deal with their food in a hands on way, then why should countless animals around the world be imprisoned and treated in such vile ways just to feed the lazy?
Morally it is wrong, which is why people turn a blind eye to where their food comes from.
They don't want to watch or talk about how their body parts make it to their dinner table, nor do they care about the wastage of over slaughtering animals which sees meat going off in supermarkets and thrown out in the rubbish. This means that many of these gentle souls are murdered for nothing.
The other day I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a person who had woken up to all of this by accidentally watching a horrific video of a dog being dragged behind a car.
The person said to themselves, "why am I crying about this, I eat meat."  Suddenly a realisation hit this person that by not seeing the horrific practises in the meat industry does not mean they are not there, this person has now made the conscious decision to never touch flesh foods again.
For all the millions of people across the planet who consume flesh foods, they have one thing in common, they can not connect with the sovereignty of each life form who shares our world, instead they shut off from certain animals being seen as feeling loving beings as purely sources of food.
No animals life in the food industry is taken with honour, nor are they blessed when they are cruelly slaughtered.
How anyone can say this is right in any way still baffles me.
All beings love, all have the same feelings we do.
As I watch my two chickens strutting around my property scratching for food and having the luxury of a dust bath my heart aches for the millions of chickens kept in cages their entire life to provide eggs, they never stand, never forage, never see the sun.
I know my views are mine, and my heartbreak my own too, however when one other person wakes up the horrors of the flesh foods industry it fills my heart with joy.
No one on this planet deserves to live a live of misery and pain, whether they be feathered, scaled or fur skinned.
Humanity needs to wake up and see that these barbaric practises need to be stopped..........  

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luksky said...

That's a perfect debate post and I agree with what you say, but I can't help but think that humans don't really care much about their own species much less about their animal kin. There is where the problem lies.

Maybe if we "preach" more about being compassionate and caring towards our fellow humans it would ripple out into the animal world.

Just a thought.