Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seems To Be..........

 Seems to be a day for learning!
As I was sitting eating my dinner I noticed what looked to be little clumps of twigs clinging to the leaves on one of my flowering grasses, swiping them off as I headed back inside proved no easy feat.

Using a little more force I brushed them all off eventually, only to notice that they began moving once they landed on the ground, and, not only that, they had black heads!

Squatting down intrigued as to what it was I had now discovered I was totally captivated as they all very, very, slowly made their way back to their veggie feast.

Did I stop them?

 Heading inside to uncover the identity of my minute garden guests I found out that they are the larvae of Bag Moths, which when grown will look a bit like the chap below!
Well I have to say, I had never seen or heard of a Bag Moth, until I happened upon the unusual visitors grazing in my garden this afternoon.

Maybe it is because I use no chemicals, the insects sense it, or maybe they know I allow the insects to eat as they wish, perhaps, word has got out that there is a safe and tasty haven full of delectable goodies just waiting to be eaten.............


orbit said...

So beautiful in all its ragged, fuzzy glory!

xStroutx said...

What interesting creatures! Always something new to discover

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Another of natures marvels - the exquisitely beautiful moth emerging from the pupa !