Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The............

 In the restful nook of my oasis I contentedly rest viewing the manifestation of my vision encircling me.
Creativity comes to us in many forms,
some like me use gardening as art, a way of expressing our inner world.
 Holding the vision within my minds eye I searched the nurseries for plants who shone out amongst the hundreds surrounding them, drawing me to their luscious beauty.
 My goal was to create a place of tranquillity, restfulness, as well as an area of play for my feline children.
One does not require a vast area to generate a place of bewitching charm, all that is needed is the dream on which to build.
 Each day I watch the expansion of the plants as they reach towards the sun , and, each day I feel a gratitude for the vitality they broadcast towards me.
 Each day they grow taller and stronger.
Each morning more buds appear holding the promise of the delicate blooms sheathed from view until they reach maturity. 
Each day another gift is discovered.
 Swaying leaves rustling in the breeze, dancing shadows offering delicate shady retreats from the heat of the day extending a place to lay awhile allowing nature to entwine my soul...........

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R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi I landed here through Arti. Lovely pictures of the nursery and beautiful narration. Nice post, You r welcome to visit my blog at your convenience. Have a great week ahead.