Monday, December 17, 2007

Vegetarian Lions?

Would a lion survive on a totally vegetarian diet? It appears so, an experiment was carried out a few years ago using two lions, one lion was kept as a pet (after being rescued near death as a cub) the other was a wild lion kept in a zoo. The diet was followed for a few months and consisted of eggs, milk, rice, pasta, beans, soy, meat flavouring (which was eventually stopped) oatmeal, legumes, tomato sauce, cocoa and a wide range of vegetables and vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients were made into ten pound cakes, which in the beginning had a little bit of meat added as to not shock the lion's systems to much. They both picked at the first cakes that they were given, leaving bits that they did not like, after a few changes a perfect meat free cake was made and both lion's survived on this alone for the few months so they could be studied to see how they would cope.

Five things were observed;

1 Lions suffer from extreme halitosis, they had little or none while following the vegetarian diet.

2 Their skin and coats were fuller and cleaner.

3 There was a notable change in temperament, they were less lazy ( more inclined to play) and very docile ( less aggressive.)

4 They ate slower, enjoying their food instead of rushing it.

5 Their overall physical appearance was better, they appeared to become sleeker.

It just goes to show that a vegetarian diet can assist more of Earths wonderful creatures other than man!

Food for thought!!!!

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Mark Of The Truth said...

You forgot to mention the story of Little Tyke (whos best friend was a lamb)

Or Gen 1:30