Tuesday, December 04, 2007

'12-12-12' MAP Healing Meditation

For those of you who follow the Georgian calendar there is a world healing meditation taking place on the 12 December to be done at 12 noon (your own local time, or as near to that time as you can possibly get.) The amount of time you spend in the meditation is entirely up to you, the power is in your intent to do the mediation and assist in healing the planet. It is advised to lay down for this particular meditation, although of course your personal preference is fine, whatever feels right to your soul is the way to continue. This meditation is suitable for all nationalities and religions to unite in peace and love. Once you have found the position that is most comfortable for you, allow your intuition to guide you into the stillness that surrounds you, breathe away the outside world and return to the nothingness of the Universe, once settled and centred begin the meditation by saying the following words. "It is our intent to Co-Create a MAP healing session for the whole world. We are inviting Pan**, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, The White Brotherhood Teams for all Life Forms on Earth and the Higher Selves for all Life Forms on Earth, all to be present and to work their miracles to heal all Life in all Kingdoms on Earth. So it is." Now just BE, still and at One with the Universe. (Pan is the Spirit of Nature) MAP is a comprehensive medical program for humans that addresses our general health: any specific illness, dis-ease, or condition; injuries (serious or small); our mental and emotional health, and of course our overall well being. I trust you will join me for this planetary event!

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