Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Wish For Today

On my way to do my walking this morning I noted how many freshly killed animals were littering our roads. Cats and kangaroos, with the odd bobtail lizard, bless them, it brings such sadness to my heart to see them lying there, and I always pray their parting was swift and as pain free as possible. Why do people let their cats out at night anyway? They should be in, safe from harm and also it leaves the local wildlife to get on with their nocturnal activities free from stalking cats! I know that at times it is unavoidable to hit an animal, I killed a snake years ago and have never got over it, (it was him or me, I had nowhere to go and it as long as the lane I was in) I screamed and cried like a banshee, especially when I went back to see if it was dead, most people are more concerned about their cars and don't even think to check that the poor victim is alive and suffering or dead. My snake was dead, bless its heart, snapped in two. I know that If I am able to stop for birds, lizards, snakes, cats, rabbits, and dogs then I do, I have even pulled over if I am uncertain what the animal in question will do, sometimes they start in one direction and the change their minds and wander back in front of you.

My wish for today is that less animals are killed on the roads and that more people stop or slow down instead of ploughing into these defenseless creatures and causing pain and suffering to their loved ones.

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Mandi said...

Yep I agree...I hope they don't suffer too much.....as for ladybirds in the pool ...pass....ask google..