Saturday, November 24, 2007

How I wish our local kangaroo's could be beamed down to this place, instead they are terrified as their home is destroyed around them. This little group however are still able to enjoy their natural environment, although they too have learnt about cars, dogs, people, and fences.
The kangaroos that live or should I say lived in our local area are fast losing their homes, acre after acre of nature reserve is being sold off to build more houses close to the sea, making the investors an awful lot of money seeing as the cheapest block of land is priced at eight hundred thousand dollars. My heart is heavy when I see the destruction and murder that is committed in the search of an even more exclusive address, no one seems to worry about the animals, birds, insects, reptiles, trees. I don't understand how people in general are so completely bind to the annihilation of life around them, it is as if they think that unless you are a human you can not feel at all.
I trust that this family of kangaroos lives forever without mass devastation eradicating their home, and that the people in other areas begin to awaken to the pain and suffering they cause. If only a few more of you thought about all the millions of animal and plants that are destroyed world wide in any one day in the name of progress I am sure you would see how soul destroying it is to belong to the human race, I find this my most difficult challenge in this life time, I choose animals over people any day.

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Mandi said...

yep I agree.....and I recognise those faces...