Monday, October 22, 2007

Self-Existing Moon

A few days ago I began the fourth month of my year, already time really is speeding up!
Tone four delivers structure to the 3rd dimension, it offers us stability, prompting us to ask questions of our self, what, when, why, how.....
What are we doing with our life? How did I get to where I stand today? When will I change my path in life? Why do I feel the way I do?
This is a perfect time to assess your life story, look at what you have, where you are now and what it is you wish to rectify and change, where you wish to go. Look deeply into yourself, analyse your inner most feelings, especially the ones you lock away to linger within festering and oozing stagnation to every pore of your being, open up the wounds of the past, unleash the emotions that you push within your heart, burning the very essence of your soul. Regain control of your life and remember that you have the ability and power to heal your self and your life, creating for you the perfect life, only you can set it free, only you have the power to transform your life.
It is simple to blame others or illness or dis-ease for the predicament we find ourselves in, yet it is our own fear that perpetuates the imbalances within our body and our life. Is it time to take control of your destiny? Is it time you looked deeply into the reflection in the mirror, scrutinizing the person that stands before you, opening the portal to your soul, seeing the magnificent wondrous being you truly are?
"The wisdom of tone four assists our development by observing that when recipes for creation are recorded, others can then replicate and build upon our evaluation, discernment, and formulation. Let us remember that our every-day definitions construct our every-day perceptions, which ultimately shapes our world. By functioning with an open system, we are capable of re-structuring our perspectives in order to trans-form our reality."
Is it time for you to take control of your life?

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Mandi said...

most probably