Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Favourite Cupboard

This is without doubt my favorite cupboard in the entire house. It holds the inspiration I require each day when meal times beckon.

I have rye, amaranth, soy, buckwheat, potato and wholegrain gluten free flours. A varied assortment of seeds, nuts, grains, rices, beans and lentils. Herbs and spices, herb sprinkles (even some of my own creation). Even Blossom has a variety of kitty treats to tempt this fussy eaters taste buds.
I love the aroma that greets you when you open this door, it is a mixture of everything that is waiting inside, and it fills the kitchen with a promise of culinary delights that would I am certain woo even the most dedicated flesh eaters........................
In any case ours is a vegan house, and those that come to dine are fully aware that no flesh foods are found within the walls, (of course Blossom is the ONLY exception to this rule), and there has been one or two who have come to dinner wondering just how much I could do with lettuce and tomatoes! Bless them, they leave with a different impression of what vegan food is really like. I enjoy experimenting and trying new recipes, and although sometimes I will prepare and cook for an hour or more to have one amazing dish to show for it, it is always worth it. I also talk to the food that I cook, blessing it and thanking it as I work, aware that the energy and thoughts that are present within my body transfers to the food as I prepare my dishes. I feel you can sense it, and if not the simple fact that I know what I do makes my cooking a very spiritual practice, and whether or not others are aware of this fact does not matter, it fills me with satisfaction to know that every one who eats my food, dines on love and harmony.


Mandi said...

yumyumyum.....smell it from's the knee...Lena in spain now then to Paris before back to Oz at the end of October...nice to see her...howz the slabbing going....we all live to far apart....I think we will def be back Oct 09 4 good....Haley's and Bri's nephew wedding to get through first...xx

Gemel said...

I agree too far apart, I miss you! The knee has been sore, and I am counting down the time to the next operation, not use complaining....... Lena's is having a great trip, bless her. Where will you live? Tasmania or Denmark? Have you decided yet? xxxxx