Monday, July 23, 2007


Water is a wonderful element, and perhaps my favourite.
I love to be in water, swimming, bathing, showering or even just paddling, if I am near it I want to be in it. I love to laze in a hot bubble bath, feeling all the tension and fatigue releasing from my body. I adore swimming as a way to unwind, exercise or just float, drifting along allowing the water to gently guide me. I savour the sensation of my morning shower, the hot water pouring over my head, invigorating my body, cleansing it ready to begin a new day. I love to walk along the oceans edge, rolling my jeans up, taking my shoes off and walking in the cool salty water, feeling it purifying my soul. I am fascinated also by the fury of a stormy sea, I can sit for hours and watch the waves crashing against the shore, I love to feel the salty spray upon my face. To stare into the crystal clear rock pools and watch the corals softly swaying in the current. To sit by a river as it meanders past, watching a leaf as it floats past, not sound it makes as it dances across upon the water, drifting to the sea. To hear the rain pounding upon the roof, watching the raindrops trickling down the window, silently it mesmerises me completely. Walking in the rain, feeling it soothing me, cleansing me, becoming part of me.
For me water is so therapeutic in whatever form it comes in, I feel at peace and at One with it when I am in or around it, and whenever I require a lift, heading for water is the best therapy for me.

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