Saturday, July 28, 2007

Three days into my New Year and already I feel the magic that is The Year of White Lunar Wizard, I know that through heart-knowing, I am in natural alignment with divine will, as was written in the Mayan Oracle. I feel the turning of events, the promise of a new way of being, a releasing and renewing in all aspects of my body, mind and spirit. As today is the second day of the Blue Western Eagle Season of Vision I feel a quickening within me, a promise of all that is to occur to me this year. I feel the mystery of the Universe surrounding me and blessing me with its power, knowing and beauty, I am fully aware of my divinity and sovereignty, I know that I am all that I project through the thoughts, words and deeds. I feel that I have completely returned to my self. Every day is sacred, and with each new day that dawns we as individuals have the capacity to create our lives in complete peace, love and harmony, we may bestow upon ourselves all that we truly desire by simply giving intent and allowing the Universe to manifest our desires. By staying in your heart centre and allowing the ego-mind to disolve you will find a balance and complete harmony returning to your life, you will find that you control every aspect of your life, and that by dedication to the Light and to your Self you will create the wondorous life that you came here to exprience.

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