Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Wish for Today

My wish for today is for people that find shooting innocent kangaroos ( or any other animal) for fun to really think about what they are doing. How can taking the life of another be fun? I have never understood how anyone could kill, murder in cold blood another living thing. To stand there with a frightened and stalked animal before you, pulling the trigger and ending its life just because you felt like it. They think not of its pain, whether or not they kill it instantly, whether it suffers and what pain this causes its family.

Animals all relate to each other with their family group, they feel pain and they sense the taking of another, just because they do not speak a language that most humans understand is irrelevant, the fact is they feel everything we do, and should not be hunted down and shot in cold blood just for fun.

Lets allow peace to return to this planet, and in doing so giving the animals their freedom, a freedom that allows them to live without fear of being murdered when the fancy takes an unenlightened human!

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