Friday, March 30, 2007

A Message to My Special People

To my special people, who at this present moment in time are a very long way from me, (in Earthly terms) yet even though these miles seperate us, we share a bond that is so strong it keeps us locked into each others hearts, I miss them so much, their physical presence, their hugs and their smiles. Although we speak often it would sometimes be nice to be there with them in the flesh, sharing our moments. I know that this time here in Australia will be at an end before I know it, passing like the seasons silently and swiftly, and then I shall be once again home, sharing my life with those who are closet to my heart. Long walks and cosy fireside chats, feeling as if I was never away from them. They know who they are these special people in my life, the cherished companions who fill my world with love by simply being part of my life.

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