Saturday, March 17, 2007


A few years ago I was blessed enough to have swum with dolphins, it was for me a extremely spiritual experience, this had been one of my wishes since I was a child, to be in the water with a wild dolphin, watching and listening, experiencing the magic of these amazing creatures.
Spiritually speaking I know that the dolphins originate from the planet Sirius, that they are more evolved than the human race, as are their cousins the whales, my experience is something that had profound effects upon me, to feel their tranquility and peace was an honour, and a moment that I shall not forget, I have photos on my wall to remind me of this awesome day, the feel of their gentle caress as they swiftly floated underneath me, the look in their eye when the held my gaze filling me with a profound sense of peace and the happiness that surrounded me for days after, a simple glace at their photo is all it takes to transport me back into their world of stillness, silence and peace.

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