Thursday, March 01, 2007

Careful What You Think

We as a race waste so much of our energy clogging our minds with unnecessary thoughts, refusing in most cases to let go of the past, holding onto painful memories and allowing them to replay over and over again, allowing us to stay hopelessly stuck in the past we so desperately wish to be free of, yet in the majority of cases we fail to see that by simply letting go of the past that haunts us, will give us release from further torment and suffering. My own journey has been hampered with my inability to put into practice what I do in fact know to be true, I could quite easily fall into the old pattern when someone asked me "how are you" or "what has been happening in your life" gives me the opportunity to get up upon my soapbox and moan about my current state of affairs, all the hassles I am having and how others are causing me heartache, then I hear myself and think what are you doing? Yet on I go verbalising my hardships, thus creating for myself even more to follow. It is true we are what we think, thoughts ARE things, they do manifest our reality, we create our own life play whether we like it or not, if we really took the time to think before we not only spoke, but also thought, we would find that our life would change rather dramatically for the better. However would the majority of the human race really want that? Are they too caught up on the 'drama' of life, the negative and the depressing? How many people actually want to be happy and fulfilled within their lives? What would they have to talk about? I know that I have lapses into the old way of thinking, I too still occasionally get caught up in the drama of the world and all its apparent trials and tribulations, even when I know that it is all an illusion, yet I am aware enough to know that it is usually to do with a life lesson that I have not yet mastered, so once aware I get myself swiftly back upon my path in life, and I focus on the NOW not the past, not even yesterday or five minutes ago, I know that what has been done or said is over, it cannot be changed or rewritten, it simply is! I think that the biggest lesson that I have learnt lately is that my inner work, my silent time and stillness is the most important part of my life, and to not beat myself up when I fall back into the 'sleeping human' mode, of playing a 'poor me' or a 'victim' even if it is just for a brief moment, I understand that these brief lapses are growth spurts for my soul and once I acknowledge them I am then able to step out of the illusion I have created and reclaim my personal power, and take up where I left off. Most importantly I must allow others to be who they are, to follow their own path, just because others are on the road with me that does not mean that their journey should resemble mine, this has been a difficult challenge for me to overcome, so dedicated to the Light and to the Ascension of not only myself, humanity but also the planet am I that I want those close to me to understand and to share this journey with me, however that is not the case, and I feel that I now accept this. Those who are my family and friends (with a couple of exceptions) are not at this moment in time aware of why we are really here, they are still locked into believing that they do not control their own destiny, that they actually manifest their reality, that their thoughts are the things that create all the hardship that they experience day after day, and that is okay. That is who they are.

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