Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day.....

 Valentines Day has become yet another event in which retailers wish us to spend, spend, spend, by doing so you will prove to your loved one how much they mean to you.
Something seems wrong about that to me, as I feel every day ought to be priceless and infused with love.
I spent a portion of Valentines Day sharing my love with an elderly client, taking her out for a cup of tea, and the chance to sit and watch the world go by.
 She loved the view, especially watching the children swimming in the distance.
 Simple things bring the most pleasure, and having the opportunity to enhance an otherwise boring day to another really is so rewarding.
Many of us take for granted the simple act of going out for a coffee and chat.
 However, millions of elderly and infirm people around the world become virtual prisoners in their homes once health issues limit their mobility, all but forgotten by society.
I notice as I take my elderly clients out that people don't see them, the amount of times they are nearly bowled over by someone, or how angry and frustrated others become because we are walking slowly, there is no respect for our elders any more.
 Finishing our refreshments it was time for a little stroll, to allow the wind to cool us a the storm clouds blew in, the joy on my companions face was contagious, the smile that beamed across her face at the sight of the boats was mesmerising. 
Each day we have is a gift, and we have the ability to make every moment count, and to be thankful for having time on this blessed planet.
If all of us took the time to share our love with strangers, especially those who are homeless, ageing or ailing society would be a much better place to reside in.

 A little bit of love goes a long way, especially when it is offered unexpectedly............. 

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holdingmoments said...

Sounds like a day you both will remember for ever.