Sunday, September 09, 2012

The First Signs......

 The first signs of spring were upon us yesterday, and I already felt the benefits of the new door, a lovely breeze blew through the house, it is going to be such a blessing in the hot summer months.
It has been a weekend of changes, doing things to the house has seen a surprising change within me too, which was not expected.
I am not a materialistic person, yet by making these alterations to the house, it seems to have added a peacefulness to my soul. 
In this time of global turmoil, there is so much chaos within millions of people across the world, all of us are feeling the building climax of the approaching storm.
Staying simple and keeping out of society is assisting my recovery from a time of heartache and turmoil, and if doing little things to my home to make my reclusive life a little more comfortable is what makes me happy, I see nothing at all wrong with that.......

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