Monday, August 20, 2012

When The Rain.......

 When the rain starts to fall on a Sunday afternoon, there is only one thing to do,
come inside where it is warm and cosy, and snuggle down.

 Suddenly out of nowhere the storm hit, the wind and rain so intense at times I wondered if the house would withstand the onslaught.
 Over the course of the afternoon it just kept getting worse, but I have to say, sitting here in the safety and warmth of my home I felt a purity washing over me as the rain continued to fall.
 I did contemplate for a moment to go and stand outside and relish the cloudburst, however, given the temperature was a tad chilly, I opted for a cosy settee instead.

 As the wind blew
And the rain continued to fall

 I simply enjoyed the moment

 With those I love 
 Once again understanding
The best things in life are free.......

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

How the weather can change, I'm sitting here looking out at the same view Gemel.