Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Are We Waiting.......

 Why are we waiting?
 We have been up for hours!
Attempted waking you up too.

 Saturday and Sunday mornings are not favourites with the furry trio, so use to me getting at at 04:30 every week day that their body clocks buzz happily away even on the weekends.
Miss Pixie's tactic is to bring one of her balls onto the bed and then proceed to have a solo game of football up and down the bed, which includes running all over me.
Sure, but not when one is sleeping!
If that fails she will try biting my feet, and seeing it is now summer, there is no duvet between me and her dangerously sharp teeth! 
 Master Tarmal likes the softer approach, he comes purring and snuggling, and cuddles to suck his tail (like a child sucking a thumb) which I will have to admit, is the nicest way to be woken from sleep.

 Which leaves Spirit!
He is a complete other story, mainly because I am pretty sure he thinks he is the boss of the house, oh, who am I kidding, he pretty much is!
Looking all sweetness and light here, with his beautiful wide and innocent eyes, even I am fooled, momentarily anyway.
I have to admit, Spirit by far is the most annoying and determined feline I have ever crossed paths with, how he comes up with his ideas of waking me I will never know, his new favourite is stretching up to the bedside table and tapping the lamp, over and over again!
So, I get up and let him out, staggering back to bed for another hour or so sleep, until he is back at the bedroom window yowling to come in.

My new trick.
Pillow over the head, which equals silent bliss..................


Mo said...

Cats never tire of finding new ways of getting you to do whatever they want.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh this brings back so many memories Gemel, Lily used to sit on my chest and start kneading the sheet until I couldn't ignore it I wish she was still doing it.

ioan moldovan said...

I think your cats is very happy!
Best regards!

Sami said...

I have five cats, and they all have different personalities too. The oldest one "Mommy" will climb on the side table or bedroom dresser and start throwing things down until I get up to feed them. Fluffy, the ginger male will start biting my feet or otherwise pulling/biting my hair! They are great fun!