Sunday, October 02, 2011

With The Warmer..........

 With the warmer weather now granting us with its presence the garden has a few more visitors dropping by.
Pixie was fascinated as she watched a couple of ants running across the path, she kept her distance though, unlike her brother who has to try to catch every insect he sees.
 Deciding that a spot of football would be more fun she began a solo game happily minding her own business, until she noticed Tarmies antics.
 Having spent the morning chasing butterflies, dragonflies and anything else that moved could it be he had actually caught something?
Missy set off to investigate.
 The stimulation they receive from their garden playground is just wonderful to observe, all their natural instincts coming to the fore as they watch and listen to the array of life around them.
 Setting off in chase of yet another flying visitor I felt such gratitude for their contented and happy lives.
Both of them saved from near death, both of them destined to find a home of safety and endless love with me, thanks to the mystical creation of The Universe.........

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