Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trekking Time..............

 Trekking time harmoniously is more than just following a calendar, ticking off days and celebrating anniversaries.
Following 13:20 time we become the artists of our world, this is our gift from the moment of our birth, a truth that not many of us realise. 
 We are given a life to live, with a path that stretches out in front of us, blank and waiting for us to paint our story.
The ancient way of following days called to me, its intrinsic echo sounded in my heart the first time I encountered one many years ago. 
Time becomes art, as each day I tune into the harmonic frequencies beaming onto the planet, thus allowing my day to unfold without expecation.
 Those of us who follow this calendar do so for not only for our own peacefulness, but also to promote unity of mankind.
We believe
One Earth
One People
One Time
 The Dreamspell Count of the calendar is based on the Mayan Calendar, measuring time in this fashion increases synchronicity so that we are guided through the confusion of an old paradigm that is outdated as we move into a new world age.
As science now confirms that we are all creators of our own destiny, walking communities of trillions of intelligent cells that masquerade as the illusion of our bodies, we are all powerful creators, who, manifest every experience we encounter.
By discovering the magic of Dreamspell you witness the beauty of creativity in motion, every second of your day.

There is no better time to release the chains of the past that keeps many following stories no longer relevant in our current world time, outdated thinking keeps millions trapped and blind to their own power.
Allowing synchronicity to enter your life prompts you to weave your way back to the truth,
back to our single origin.
One family merging together in unity and peace...............

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