Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stepping Into The......

 Stepping into the feeling of summer, with the arrival of the first easterly winds greeting me as I woke yesterday morning, knowing that this means that the ocean would be calm I set off on a pre-breakfast stroll.

After months of tempestuous weather I had began to limit my beach side walks as the ferocity of the winds and the loss of shoreline due to the winter tides often hampered my access to my seaside playground.

Standing here and viewing the vista before me filled me with an immense tranquillity, I had forgotten how amazing this stretch of coastline is in the warmer months.
A group of shags were diving as shoals of tiny fish swam in the shallow waters, a gourmet feast to break their fast.

Frolicking in the water were two Irish Setters, so joyful as they ran and splashed, chasing each other up and down the beach.

Happiness just oozed from them as they zoomed past me returning to their humans.

Continuing on my way I was lost in the beauty surrounding me, a deserted endless beach that stretches on and on no mater which way I cast my gaze.

As always I was amazed that few feel the draw of this spectacular coastline, especially on such a delightful morning.

Heading back towards my waiting car I noticed that I was now able to continue my amble further north on the beach, this more interesting part had been cut off during the stormy winter months as the waves thrashed the rocky reefs.

Continuing along this harsh stretch of beach I sat for awhile just watching the water as it splashed over the rocks, lulling me with its hypnotic rhythm.

Words are not always required, simply the magic of the world is enough to spread the love I feel within.
The love that surrounds us all if you take the time to leave the dysfunctional 'modern' world behind.

I maybe part of this broken world, but I am not part of it.
My detachment to society is what keeps me grounded, my excursions into nature the only truth of this realm.

Heading home I took with me the truth of authentic peace.
A peace that comes from All That Is.
A peace that radiates from every atom of my being...............


Jaky Astik said...

Beautiful pics, Gem!

luksky said...

As usual, beautiful thoughts and awesome pics!!

Gemel said...

Thank you both, my pleasure to share :)

holdingmoments said...

What a beautiful beach Gemel.
I think I could happily stroll along there for a few hours.

Gemel said...

I think that Jim and his new friends would have an absolute ball frolicking here Keith :)