Monday, October 03, 2011

The Mysterious Spirals..............

 The mysterious spirals of energy that weaves the web of creation across the infinity of the Universe connects me to All life.
 Everywhere I look, there is another me.
Another aspect of myself experiencing the world in an immensely different way than I myself see. No matter what form this other aspect of myself takes, be it a kitten, a monkey, or, another human makes no difference, as we are eternally One.
Sometimes you are gifted a moment so simple that the intensity of the love present will alter you forever, a moment so incredibly pure that its simplicity overwhelms you.
I had such a moment today, a chance to view the unmistakable confirmation that everything up until this particular moment lead me right to where I was, acknowledging the  orchestration that wove my destiny to unfold in a energy exchange that left in its wake the realisation of transcendence.

We all have our stories to tell, some of great hardship, personal loss and unbearable grief, others by comparison lead lives that by all appearances seem charmed, yet no matter what life you wrote for yourself, what circumstances you manifested with your desire to grow, each second that you walk the path of your story has the opportunity for love to echo through each day, even in the moments of great sorrow and pain.
After an afternoon of such celestial beauty I have been left sitting my mute adoration for every second I have lived being Gemel, and for the clarity given as I witnessed my own acknowledgement of growth.
Not a second has been wasted, not one encounter, be they fleeting connections, or those of a deeper bond. 
As I allow myself the time to sit with the transformation within I am dumbstruck at the complexities it takes to navigate the endless array of molecules of energy to manifest not only in my reality, but the realities of every life form upon this planet.

To be in this infusion of purity is humbling, yet, at the same time comforting, for, at last I feel what it is like to be home.
Home is not a house, it is this body I reside in, a temple more sacred than any structure man could ever build.
Divinity resides within All of us, we need not look anywhere else to find it, it is looking back at you everyday in the mirror.
In times of hardship it can be difficult to view, as we have been inundated with information telling us of our downfalls and inadequacies, that we are far from whole.
Yet, the invisible energy that swirls its way within me, snakes its heavenly caress through you too, it never leaves us, it is with us for eternity.................. 

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hi Gemel, I've just been enjoying looking through your last posts. It's lovely to see how happy and content you are in your own space with your adorable cats. They are so lucky to have found you, but that's what they say about cats, they find you one way or're lucky to have found the joy in simple pleasures, so many people never get it.