Sunday, October 02, 2011

Leafy Palms......

 Leafy palms sway offering those entering a sample of the relaxed atmosphere that awaits within.
 Not having a lot of space in to play with in the front garden I tried to still add a lot of movement, scent and colour, and my stamp of originality to the street, all the other residents stuck to the same theme, which sadly sees the avenue lacking personality.

These miniature Magnolias have had a growth spurt thanks to the rains and now the added warmth of the spring sun, their vibrancy shimmers in the golden morning light.
 Their tiny flowers a hidden treasure, I had not realised that they had in fact begun to flower until I bent down to weed around them, so perfectly beautiful.
 The grasses and ornamental garlic that surround the Native Hibiscus next to the path are all flourishing, I am eagerly awaiting the yellow blooms to appear on the tree itself, having planted some Nasturtiums and more Ginseng in this part of the garden this morning I should see an infusion of colour in a few days. 
 Closer to the house the Standard Hibiscus are doing wonderfully well, many splashes of red already decorate the scene.
 The Birds of Paradise (blue ones,) are yet to flower, although the Ginseng growing close to the fence already has a mass of delicate pink buds waiting to open. 
 Miss Pickles loves to sit and supervise as I potter happily, watching the world pass by, a safe place to view a world vastly foreign to the sanctuary I have created for her.
 Until it's time for a catnap that is.....................


susan said...

I know I don't come by to visit very often but it's always a treat to look at your photographs when I do. I especially loved the beach and bird posts this time but your garden is lovely too. I hope you're enjoying a fine spring.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That's a very nice garden space you've created.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos, Gemel.

I have a blog challenge on the go. I Hope you'll join in. I'm really looking forward to seeing some photos. :-D