Saturday, October 15, 2011

As The Call.................

 As the call of the Light beckons one of my earthly family home, we have come together to surround him in love, although he now drifts in and out of consciousness we know he hears us as we chat to him, and each other as we spend our last precious moments with him.

It is a time of sorrow, for with his returning we will all miss his earthly presence, many of the family believe as I, that, he simply sheds his mortal body, there is no death, he will simply move into a different realm, one where his body is no longer dealing with the pain and dis-ease that it has been fighting for a couple of years now. 
Life is such a precious gift, and the presence of those in our inner circles of love are cherished within our hearts, when the time comes to say goodbye it illuminates what life is really about.

It really is all there is.

Sitting in the presence of death with an open heart, expanding myself into the energy of grief in the room, is allowing me to transform, to  merge with the energy of all who sit with me, this is such an honour, for in this time of transition I am seeing and feeling the blessing that accompanies the grief.
There is a peacefulness that emanates around us, an overpowering presence of love so pure that its intensity dazes me. 
The force of love echoes through the house gently vibrating throughout all of us, increasing its strength as the time of crossing over approaches, with it comes a deep comforting peace.........


PerthDailyPhoto said...

As you say Gemel, it is always such a gift to be able to spend time with someone you love before they pass, I did with both Mum and Dad and was convinced they could hear us talking and reminiscing. Keep cool tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

O fotografie superba! N-am mai vazut o asemenea splendoare pana acum!

ThimbleLady said...

It really is all there is.
I wish you love in every seconds, minutes, hours, week, years yours life

Cloudia said...

delighted to discover your sweet blog!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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