Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today Is/Was...........

 Today is/was Threatened Species Day, however I doubt whether many spared a thought for the Grassland Earless Dragon who is facing extinction due to the overpopulation of the humans, no my guess is that more thoughts would have been on upgrading to a mega sized plasma TV.
 Every day as I drive around my city from one clients house to another I am appalled at the amount of destruction the human race causes, many a day I drive with tears welling in my eyes at the shameless disregard most of humanity has for other sentient beings upon our earth.

 Some would argue that the man is the caretaker of the Earth, I would strongly disagree, what other species has caused as much heartache, murder and destruction to other life forms other than man.
The greed of humanity is out of control, a race of money orientated people who think that shiny condos, fast cars and technology is what life is about.
Where is their connection to Source?
To our Earth Mother?
To her other children?
There is waste where ever one looks in this throw-away mindless society, a visit to any supermarket will prove this, isle upon isle of products that many animals have been slaughtered for, or lost their habitats for, all there to tantalise the robotic race we have become.
 My outlook on life is not common I know, but not a day goes by where I am not ashamed to be apart of such a selfish and relentless race.
Each day I offer prayers to the local animals that loose their homes due to another new housing estate that this city must have.
Each day I pray for the millions of animals slaughtered for food, clothing, body parts, and oh yes, fun!
 Maybe one day my race will wake up to see that each and every other sentient being upon this planet knows of love, and that although they do not speak a language you readily understand, they can communicate with you if you take the time to still your mind, to speak their language, to watch them and learn that they all feel love, they all feel pain.
Perhaps then the cows will tell of the utter anguish they feel when their calves are taken from them at birth, can you even for a second image such pain?
I can, and it breaks my heart.
Perhaps one day more will understand the senseless suffering of these beautiful creatures, perhaps one day there really will be enough of us to change the world.........

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