Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rain Thrashing......

 Rain thrashing against the windows creating a river of water upon the glass, beating the door with such ferocity that for a moment I wondered whether it would withstand the storm.
 The drains unable to cater for the torrent pouring from the heavens as a miniature lake formed in the front entry.
 Snug and dry viewing from the warmth of my dwelling, mesmerized by the watery spectacle as the shower amplified its intensity.
 There is something so thoroughly relaxing about rain, I always find myself blending into the purifying  essence of its boon, feeling absolved as the sacred water cleanses the Earth.

The garden relishing this offering, the toll of the drying winds dehydrate the garden, even in winter.
I can almost hear their gratitude of this nourishing gift. 

Although the garden was not the only one grateful for the storm, Pixie seemed rather impressed with the tasty puddles left in its wake................

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wasn't it wonderful Gemel, as you say when you're snug indoors there's nothing nicer, and we do so need it badly. Hopefully more on the way!!