Sunday, September 25, 2011

On My Way To Rainbow Lodge........

 On my way to Rainbow Lodge yesterday to have a crystal healing session I found myself holding a dying cat as he made his way home.
 I had the whole day planned, first I was going to take a slow drive up into the foothills and have brunch at my favourite Perth cafe, The Soul Tree, seeing it is quite a journey from where I live it is not a place I go to often, and seeing as Rainbow Lodge was very close to it I thought I would pamper myself. On arrival however, I found it was closed for the day which left me scratching my head as to where to head to next!
Noticing that I had very little fuel I made the decision to go hunting for a service station seeing I had an hour and a half before my appointment.
After filling up I headed further up the hills to Kalamunda, another one of my preferred haunts, I browsed in the quaint shops to fill in the time,dawdling along in the warm spring sunshine, I felt completely at One with everything I was passing, setting off to take a leisurely drive to Rainbow Lodge admiring the loveliness of the hills surrounding me, this feeling continued.
Turning onto a road I noticed that the man in front of me was driving like a manic, too fast for the winding country lane we were on, suddenly out of nowhere a tiny black cat appeared, and of course was hit by the man in front of me.
He sped off not even concerned for the injured cat, without thinking I was out of the car and cradling the dying cat in my arms.
As I held on to this sweet innocent being I noticed a house nearby and began to walk towards it, seeing this the man who hit the cat stopped and turned around.
Getting out of his car he was more concerned about the blood covering my clothes than what he had done, he kept repeating you have blood on you, you have blood on you.
As I entered the driveway the owner appeared, having heard all the commotion he had come to investigate what was occurring.
Unfortunately the injured cat was not his, although he thought he may belong to one of his neighbours.
It was at this time however that I felt a lightening of the little cat, looking down at him I realised he had  just passed, and as I rocked him and stroked his fur the driver of the car said, "you might as well just throw it in the rubbish bin!"
I turned and looked at him in disbelief, not only of his callousness, but of the lack of any sort of emotion.
In the end it was decided that the little cat would be buried, returned to his Earth Mother.

Driving away I was overwhelmed with love for this little cat, and for the honour of holding him as he left this world to journey across the Rainbow bridge, to a place of warmth and never ending love.
The presence of synchronicity was astonishing, it was so apparent that I was meant to be there, not just for the little black cat, but also for the driver of the car, for he was completely bewildered as to why I wept for a cat, why I openly expressed my love for the little body I held.
As opened myself to the moments as they occurred around me and I realized that I was divinely surrounded, I felt an enormousness wave of love sweep through me throughout the whole scenario.

Death is an illusion, one that creates much fear for many people, not knowing that their loved ones, be they human or animal folk, never leave them at all, they simply walk into another realm, to be in peace and grounded in the presence of love makes this transition such a beautiful experience...................


luksky said...

What a bittersweet post!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a pity there aren't more people like you on this Earth Gem. The world would be a better place if there were...Bless you. PPLP xxx

Marlene said...

Hi Gem.
I feel sadness for the pain creatures and humans feel when they leave here more so than the death. so glad you were there to hold him and confort those last min as he left. Marlene