Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crying For Gaia..............

 Crying for Gaia and her precious feathered, scaled and furry children today as I drove home, yet more natural bushland is being destroyed to allow for the plague of humanity that is spreading across the globe like a cancerous tumour.
 In the area that I live there is still acres upon acres of cleared land prepared into new tantalising suburbs, still they sit vacant, and still they bulldoze more.
With many business going bankrupt, banks not lending, builders not making monthly quotas in their sales departments I am stunned by the level of greed of the developers who are behind this recent release of a 'coastal lifestyle' which is to promise you endless happiness in your shiny new house!
 Why is it no one else sees the death that these mammoth machines cause, distressed animals fleeing from their homes as their peaceful domain is torn to shreds.
Driving past I felt such a deep sadness overwhelming me, so many lives sacrificed yet again for the humans unending hunger of ownership.
Perhaps one day they will all realise that none of us own anything, not ever, everything is temporary, we can not take houses, money or possessions with us when we return to Source, so what is this empty obsession with attaining 'things' to show others of our worth?

The truth of my being resides in all of creation, from the tiniest ant to the largest whale, I am All of these beings and they are All of me, each of us incarnated here to experience the third dimension, yet it is only a handful of humans who realise this fact, that we are all One.
Each of us sacred no matter what skin it is we wear.

With the technological age giving people a false world to live in, make believe toys to play with, is it any wonder there is no longer a heart connection to Source, to God, to The Universe?
I see no one else honouring the Sun each day, only me and the bird folk.
The humans are too distracted with the make believe world they live in to see the truth that dangles right before their eyes.

As we begin our transition into the next world age I open my heart to those still sleeping to the glory of our beautiful Mother, to the destruction and pain they cause not only her, but her beloved animal children also.
Can you image the suffering we cause her?
Can you feel her pain?

As I look to my elders, reassurance is given in my meditations that the Light of a new way of being is being downloaded to our ravaged planet, that with the dedication of the band of the nameless ones such as I, who remember our pledge, who remember our unity to All life, who remain dedicated to our quest of reactivating an awakened race, laying down a pathway to a higher world of existence for All, one of full beauty and harmony, tranquillity and joy..............


holdingmoments said...

I couldn't agree more.
Mankind's race to satisfy his greed is slowly killing this beautiful planet.
Maybe nature will fight back one day.

Gemel said...

I feel she already is Keith, I pray that along the way more people wake up and see what a gift our planet is.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

We are definitely our planet's worst enemy, sometimes it amazes me how utterly stupid we are all in the name of 'just being human'!!