Saturday, January 29, 2011

Light Cascades.....

Light cascades within my home, its energy entwining delicately around my heart.
Rainbow orbs dance, pulsating their energy outwards, merging with all.
Tis a time of much growth, propelled by my own awareness shifting.
Trusting my heart has become my way of life, subtle signs gifted by God to gently illuminate the changes not only within my self, but, of others too.
I find that although I sense changes often weeks before they occur in reality, I often dawdle in my acceptance of their truth, or maybe it is because I still await others to speak truth from their hearts instead of retreating into nothingness.
Silence grants one the ability to see truth, for in the silence of nothingness God speaks.
As one moment ends, another moment begins taking me closer to my true self.
In the stillness of a summers afternoon I sit in peaceful silence, surround by love as it radiates towards me through the pastel hues of the setting sun.
Now I surrender any outcomes for my life, instead I hand the pen to God to compose my way in harmony and peace as I abandon control and allow my life to be...........

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