Sunday, January 02, 2011

Finding Myself......

Finding myself as always being more of a spectator than a participant of the festive season has opened my connection more deeply with God, and, with myself.
Seeing past the modern materialistic meaning of Christmas that drives millions of people to buy, buy, buy, instead I look deeper into myself and at the inherent union that keeps me as One with God. Knowing that the greatest gift I have is to release myself into God's will, to allow him to direct my life with complete trust and faith is all I require.
Gone is the need for material gifts, in fact as I watched the madness of those around me buying food as if the world was ending, only to find that most of it goes uneaten and ends up rotting in a tip, a waste on so many levels, yet this is not seen by millions of people around the globe, instead they are carried away with the frenzied countdown to a once, Holy Day.
The media hype to spend, spend, spend is in my opinion diabolical, as it is designed to keep people locked in a ritual of wants and needs that will never fulfill the barren emptiness they find inside, instead it propels them further into the quagmire of attachment to things and the importance placed on their 'ownership' of these things, then of course there is the pressure of giving and receiving gifts that 'prove' your love/worth. The once simple gesture of giving a gift from the heart is worthless in these days of plasma televisions and mp3 players and the like.
I have found this time to be a time of reconnection, and of releasing, and no material object comes close to magnitude of its boon.
It is the time of awakening, of remembering the divinity of myself, and my place in Gods garden.
Seeing myself reflected back, viewing the rays of Light that shimmer with radiance as I uncoil and expand more fully into the wholeness of me prompting the glow contained within, to blossom with unspeakable brilliance as I give myself to God, and to the path of the Light.............

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