Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling Like A Droplet............

Feeling like a droplet in the vast ocean of life, I find myself suspended, floating weightlessly, in the sea of energy that surrounds me.
I hear the summons, a calling so powerful that its resonance fills every cell of my body, attuning me to the vibrations of a new way of Being.
Calling me to begin again, renewed and awake.
Life continues around me, the endless dance of normality, the mundane ritual of daily routines.
Day by day its grip fades away, vanishing into the distant memories of my yesterdays, drifting into the abyss of oblivion.
The call of love is profound, the pull incredibly potent, there is no escape from its request.
Restlessness snakes around me as visions of my path come to me in dreams, lingering like seductive treasures tempting me to follow.
Am I prepared to trust my faith?
To go with what is in my heart?
To take the final steps out of the darkness, and, into the Light, to return completely to Love, to live without confinement by the Way of the Heart..................

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