Monday, November 01, 2010

Approaching The Ocean.....

Approaching the ocean as the Sun began its retreat into the waiting skyline I sensed a kind of magic lingering in the salty air.
The golden glow that illuminated the sky was calming, intensely serene.
Settling upon the soft cool sand I relaxed into the soothing lull that penetrated my heart.
The tranquil melody of the waves serenaded me, embracing me from within.
Looking upon the exquisiteness that enclosed me left me breathless, I was seeing the sand for the first time, in all it's magnificent glory, white crystals glittering in the remaining embers of the sinking Sun, millions upon millions of them, all twinkling their purity and light out into the world, silently they spoke.
Soundlessly I listened.
Being in the unspeakable rapture of God's presence each day takes me deeper into myself.
There is no place where He is not, yet, it is here upon the beach that I feel Him the most, it is here where I am called daily to walk, to meditate, to Be.
And in the stillness of Being, I am, at One, with You.............

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